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Linda Oney

Free Virtual Training Brain Injury Overview for Behavioral Health Professionals

May 20, 2022 From 1:00-4:00

In response to the growing interest in the topic of brain injury and the impact the presence of a history of brain injury can have on the access to and delivery behavioral health treatment services, the Maryland Behavioral Health Administration is offering a 3-hour virtual training for behavioral health professionals, including certified peer specialists, overdose fatality review team members, addiction and mental health services community providers Individuals in need of behavioral health treatment services may be living with neurobehavioral difficulties as a result of having sustained a traumatic and/or acquired brain injury or injuries over the course of their lives. Consequently they can face challenges in both accessing and successfully engaging with and benefiting from treatment. These same challenges can interfere with employment and education success. Through lecture and virtual engagement, this training will provide an overview of brain injury, including the ramifications of unrecognized and undiagnosed brain injury, and its impact on behavioral health disorders. The application of harm reduction practices through a brain injury informed lens will be discussed as well as one person’s journey in recovery post a traumatic brain injury. Resources for both professionals, individuals and family members will be provided. This letter is an invitation to attend this virtual event presented by Anastasia Edmonston, Martin Kerrigan and Laura Bartolomei-Hill of the Maryland Behavioral Health Administration.