MABPCB has provided a comprehensive listing of all APPROVED Organizational Providers for Maryland Approved trainings. Please review the listing prior to participating in a training to ensure the provider and their respective training have been vetted by MABPCB. Training certificates submitted by an applicant without an organizational provider number or status, will not be accepted for any MABPCB certification.

2021 List of Training Providers

MABPCB offers the opportunity for organization to obtain the status of Organization Provider to be able to provide educational curriculum and various approved training classes to the individuals that hold a behavioral health credential through IC&RC. If your organization is interested in becoming an Organizational Provider. Please review the application  MABPCB Organizational Provider Application 2020. The first page of the application must be completed to qualify for organizational status. The second page of the application must be completed for each individual training curriculum to be reviewed an approved.

In order to submit an application for Provider Status, you must first have an account on the MABPCB website. Once registered and logged in you may submit the application at the link below.

Provider Status Application