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United States

Ethical Responsibility
Total Hours
Choices Recovery Trainings
Contact Person Name
Ginger Ross

For Maryland: This training is pre approved by MABPCB Provider number: 65423-EP.

In alignment with the IC & RC Four Domains = Ethics = 12 hours. Four hours will be used from the Choices 30 Hour Peer Recovery Coach training to equal 16 hour requirement.

Course Description: This training will address what ethics are and their role in peer recovery support. This training will explore the importance of boundaries and boundary management extensively and the need for continuous monitoring of boundaries. The training will explore adverse outcomes due to poor ethical guidelines and boundary management. Additionally, this training will discuss HIPPA and 42CFR part two regarding confidentiality.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn what ethics are and why they’re important
  • Learn the differences and similarities between a Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct
  • Experiment with Ethical Decision Making tools
  • Identify and discuss potential boundary issues and boundary management in recovery coaching and peer support roles
  • Understand confidentiality in peer support roles; HIPAA and 42CFR part 2