This classification is viewed as the title for the peer recovery specialist’s supervisor. The supervisor may or may not have a personal lived experience, but is familiar with the peer recovery specialist’s job tasks and requirements. This is a non-reciprocal credential offered at the state level.

There are certain knowledge areas and skills that are required to provide effective peer supervisor services to workers helping individuals living with behavioral health disorders. Registered Peer Supervisors must demonstrate the ability to provide effective supervision and model behavior and ethics for the peer recovery specialist. In addition, Registered Peer Supervisors must provide supervision within their area of expertise, yet be knowledgeable of the integrated services provided by the behavioral health systems.




The individual who is eligible to sign off on the Peer supervision hours must hold an MABPCB Registered Peer Supervisor (RPS) Status. The individuals eligible to obtain an RPS status are as follows:


  1. One must have one (1) year experience in a Supervisory/Director role with the inclusion of supervising Peer Recovery Specialist in the behavioral health, recovery and/or crisis support field, or;
  2. One must be a MABPCB Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS) for two (2) year, has successfully completed their CPRS RECERTIFICATION, AND have documentation of a Lead Peer role or direct supervision of Peer Recovery Specialists for six (6) months within your organization AND reflective in your current organization’s job description AND a letter of support from your current supervisor or; 
  3. Administrative/Clinical professional must have six (6) months in a supervisory position in the behavioral health field.


  • Must complete the six (6) hour “Supervising Peers” training.


  • The application fee for the Registered Peer Supervisor is $100.


  • An RPS must take a “Supervising Peers” refresher course every two year.
  • The application fee for the Renewal of the Registered Peer Supervisor Status is $100.

It is suggested that individual or group peer supervision be provided bi-weekly.

As a Registered Peer Supervisor, you are required to document all supervision hours of each Peer Recovery Specialist being supervised under your guidance. This document is to support this effort. You may use this document for this purpose, or you can create a replica to include all fields identified in the MABPCB form for your individual agencies to track all supervision sessions. THIS DOCUMENT IS REQUIRED TO BE UPLOADED IN THE PEER SUPERVISION SECTION OF EACH INDIVIDUAL CPRS APPLICATION.

RPS Supervision Log