Maryland Department of Health, 1223 W. Pratt St., Baltimore, MD 21223
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In Person

United States

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Mentoring / Education
Recovery / Wellness
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Maryland Department of Health, Prevention and Health Promotion Administration
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Jean-Michel Brevelle

This 1-day capacity building workshop is designed to increase the ability of health and human service providers to engage and serve African American and Latino gay, bisexual, and same gender loving men with confidence, understanding, and respect.  Workshop participants explore the concepts of sexual orientation, sexual identity, gender scripts and masculinity, and relationships through the cultural lens of African American and Latino experience. Participants learn about the unique health needs of African American and Latino gay, bisexual, and same gender loving men, and identify factors that contribute to health disparities among these populations. Focal areas for skills development include assessing sexual health, mental health and substance abuse risk, providing culturally responsive referrals, and discussing gay, bisexual, and same gender loving men’s health and health risk issues with both clients and colleagues. Finally, participants will use best practice tips to deliver responsive, accessible services for gay, bisexual, and same gender loving  clients in primary health and behavioral health settings. The workshop combines multiple training modalities, including large and small group work, hands-on skills building activities, demonstration, and facilitated dialogue to provide a richly interactive experience for participants. This is the seventh and final required module in the Sexual Health in Recovery Facilitator Certification course.